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Contingent Staffing Solutions:

Naini Infotech Inc. has the tools and the talent to deliver as many top performers as you need, when you need them.For all your IT staffing needs weather contract, contract to hire or full time employment, Naini Infotech Inc. can provide you the best resources to fulfill your staffing needs.

Contingency staffing provides flexibility in the workforce. When a new project comes up or you win a new contract, you can hire a large contingent workforce in a short amount of time. Contingent employment services include temporary employees, independent contractors, freelancers and consultants.

In addition to providing flexibility, a contingent workforce saves you money. Staffing contingency workers frees you from the costs of employment taxes, workers compensation and benefits. Some disadvantages include training costs, lack of loyalty to the company and a possible negative impact on the morale of your permanent employees. Use a contingent employee in any area where you need additional employees.

1. A temporary contractor is usually a short-term administrative or clerical worker.

2. Hire independent engineers, programmers & other highly-skilled workers.

3. Hire consultants on a contingent employee basis when you need executive-level help.

Why Contingency Staffing can work for you:

Savings in taxes
Access to expertise not available internally
Potential savings in overall compensation costs